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Country Captain Chicken

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 4

Adapted from The Lee Brothers Cookbook: Stories & Recipes from Southerners And Would-Be Southerners, by Matthew and Ted Lee, W.W. Norton, 2006


  6 chicken thighs, bone-in and skin-on

  1 cup cold tap water

  1/2 cup raisins

  1 Tbs curry powder

  1 Tbs garam masala

  1 1/2 tsp salt

  1/2 tsp black pepper

  2 slices bacon, diced

  2 carrots, peeled and sliced into ¼-inch thick pieces

  2 yellow bell peppers, diced

  1 onion, diced

  3 cloves garlic, diced

  28 oz (1 can) crushed tomatoes, with juice

  2 Tbs fresh grated ginger

  2/3 cup slivered almonds, lightly toasted

  2 cups cooked white rice

  1/2 cup parsley, chopped

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Heat oven to 350 F. Place water in small saucepan and boil over high heat. Place raisins in small bowl; pour enough boiling water over just to cover raisins. Let stand. In another small bowl, combine curry powder, garam masala, salt and pepper. Reserve.In large, oven-proof skillet, cook bacon pieces over medium heat until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Remove with slotted spoon; place on paper towels and drain. Reserve 2 tablespoons bacon fat in skillet. Add chicken to skillet and brown over medium-high heat, turning. (Add excess bacon fat if pan becomes too dry.) Remove chicken thighs to plate and set aside.

In same skillet, add carrots, bell peppers, onion and garlic; cook 6 minutes or until lightly softened. Add tomatoes, spice mixture, ginger, and raisins with the water. Simmer sauce to thicken, about 8 minutes. Place chicken thighs in sauce, skin-up. Tent skillet loosely with foil; transfer to middle rack of oven. Bake 20 minutes. Remove foil from skillet; cook the further thicken sauce, about 15 minutes more.

Remove chicken from oven. Spoon rice on serving platter; top with chicken thighs and then with tomato sauce. Garnish with bacon pieces, almonds and parsley

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